Sunday 30 April 2017

Mega City Book Club 32: Strontium Dog audio dramas

Brian Doob from the British Invaders science fiction podcast is my guest and he's thought outside the box and chosen two splendid Strontium Dog full cast audios from Big Finish. Check out Brian's new Hooked on Bond podcast.

You can find the 2000AD audio range at or

You can find a list of episodes so far and all the upcoming books on the Facebook page, follow the podcast on Twitter, or email me comments and suggestions to

Download here
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  1. An interesting podcast! I'm more than slightly obsessed with the strontium dog audiodramas, so it's great to hear people still talking about them.

    Pre-emptive revenge is actually my favorite audiodrama out of all of them, especially Johnny and Dredd's interactions being fleshed out. Interesting facts about sick squid's VA. I never actually knew most of this stuff, like being the executive producer and doing the dalek voices as well lmao. It's a pretty funny thought, and I absolutely agree that the interplanetary teleportation part was my favorite part of Down to Earth. Or possibly the mental image of McNulty in a flight attendant's outfit.