Sunday 6 May 2018

65: 2000AD Top Tens

A very short bonus episode to do some housekeeping and to ask you to submit your top ten Judge Dredd stories, and also your top ten non Dredd 2000AD stories to so that we can compile our book club list of the best of the best. You are the academy of law and your vote counts!

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  1. I'm thinking that if the story appeared in the Judge Dredd title then it's a Dredd story. But anything that appeared under its own title goes into the non-Dredd list.

    So Midnight Surfer and Oz are Dredd stories but Song of the Surfer is not. If that makes sense.

    If anyone's vote needs clarification I will contact them.

    Cheers all😀

  2. And we've also said that continuing series with several books or chapters should be divided up
    i.e Halo Jones book 3 or Zenith phase 1