Sunday, 4 July 2021

159: Zenith phase 2

David Grice returns to the book club to continue our journey through Zenith. This time it's Phase 2 and a very James Bond style romp from Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell. Get your copy from the 2000AD store.

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Music used in this episode is Circuit Breaker by the artist Robodub.

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  1. It's been a while since I read the lot, but as I recall, the events of Phase II resulted in the birth of Zenith's son, who due to extra-dimensional, existing-in-all-of-time-and-space shenanigans ended up being Iok Sotot (the Lloigor from Phase I).

    Oh, and at least one of the superhumans that Zenith mated with was a clone of his mum. I'm going to guess the other was Ruby Fox, but that's just a guess. Could be one of those other sixties superhumans, like the one who fell through a mirror to another dimension (pay close attention).

  2. I just wanted to confirm that as discussed in the podcast, ex-PM, Ted Heath was indeed a persistent and vocal critic .of the Thatcher regime throughout the 1980s. It thus makes perfect sense that Morrison's Thatcher might want Heath taken out of the picture.