Sunday 26 May 2019

94: Nemesis the Warlock

It's free comic book day in London and I'm joined in a noisy cafe by Brother Sheridan Kelly to discuss the Hachette collections's first volume of Nemesis stories by Brothers Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill, and Jesus Redondo.

Gheck out Brother Sheridan's Prog slog blog, and get your Nemesis copy from Hachette, or from the 2000AD online store.

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  1. Shriekback - Nemesis

  2. And,

  3. I said we were on our fourth version of a 2000AD related RPG - I meant the fourth Judge Dredd RPG - there's also been two versions of Sláine and one of Strontium Dog (with another on the horizon soon, plus a Rogue Trooper one is being worked on).