Sunday 18 August 2019

100: The Man from Nowhere

Episode 100! And I'm joined by my guest from the very first episode, Simon Belmont, to discuss the classic adventures of Dan Dare in a collected edition from 1979. Huge thanks to all my guests and contributors so far and please stay tuned for the next 100 episodes.

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  1. Congrats on 100 podcasts. For such a milestone...maybe pick an actual 2000ad book. ;-)

  2. It wasn't unusual for artists back then to use models. The great american newspaper strip artists used models all the time. What probably was unusual was the lengths that Hampson went too the create the strip...even at one stage using Arthur C.Clarke as an expert to run ideas by.

  3. Eagle did set such a high bar for comic books back then that has never been equalled on both sides of the Atlantic. The American comic books flooding into the UK from the US were from American GI's who would get them sent to them in the mail. They were mainly Horror Comics and meant for Adult readers and not for Kids...however, they would fall into kids hands. Morris didn't like that a set Eagle up as an alternative. Which is the way to do it. Don't ban things but give kids a different choice. I wish more people today took that approach than 'banning' or 'doxing'.

  4. Don Harley would also draw the original 50's Dan Dare for the 80's Eagle (#388 1989).