Sunday 4 August 2019

99: Hook Jaw

Liam Dempsey from the trek-tastic Spocklight podcast is my guest to discuss the controversial history of Action comic and the runaway success of the lead story, Hook Jaw. We boldly go where no killer great white shark has gone before.

You can still get your copy of the Titan collection, and also check out the sequel story by Si Spurier and Conor Boyle.

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  1. 'Samurai Jack' is an amazing cartoon. Very cinematic. The design work and action scenes are amazing. Obviously inspired by Frank Millers 'Ronin'. It's right up there with The Batman Animated Series as one of the greatest cartoons ever made. And they finished it too...not left hanging in the air. You should check it out ASAP Eamonn. You won't be disappointed.